UOWM_logo_v.1 Laboratory of Science and Sustainability Education (S.S.E. Lab)


S.S.E. Lab was established in 2013 within the framework of University of Western Macedonia, School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Main goals 

1. Research and Educational 

  • Supports undergraduate and graduate students, as well as and the respective academic staff to a number of undergraduate and graduate courses regarding teaching and learning in Science and Sustainability Education offered by Florina School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Aims to be a reference point to the wider area of Western Macedonia regarding Science and Sustainability Education, experimental teaching, development, implementation and evaluation of educational material.
  • Through research programs seminars, conferences, undergraduate and graduate students S.S.E. aims to support teaching praxis and link theory and research, following the international trends, from educators and researchers, on the fields of science and sustainability education.
  • In cooperation with the academic stuff of Polytechnic School aims to the development of innovative technologies, which under the framework of teaching will produce new life-long learning programs. Similarly, in cooperation with the Fine Arts School aims to the development of innovative educational material like animation, educational models, etc.

2.  Social 

S.S.E. serves the valuable social goal of mobilizing the research and educational potential of the grater geographical area of Western Macedonia in order to meet the state of art in teaching and learning in science and sustainability education.



  • Research
  • Evaluative
  • Developmental

The lab can undertake undergraduate or graduate thesis relevant to its aims. It will also plan the development of a series of electronic and printed educational material and will cooperate with other domestic labs or from abroad.

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